Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scrapbooking Trends...Reflections by Terri

Over the past 9 years as a Creative Memories Consultant, I have been amazed at the changes in the scrapbooking industry.  I have seen scrapbook stores come and go, but throughout this time Creative Memories has always been there for us! Many of today's scrapbooking trends have been started by Creative Memories.
Even I have experienced many changes in my life.  When I became a consultant in 2001 I was a 6th grade teacher who worked Creative Memories part time, primarily on Saturdays. Many of you attended my monthly crops at Legacy Church of Christ.
Some of you traveled to Hobby House Hill with me for  a Scrapbooking Retreat.
Others came with me to Arlington Convention Center to attend Celebrate Dallas.
Today I am a full time consultant holding events in my home.  My formal living/dining room has been converted into Terri's Scrappin' Spot with 6 individual scrapbooking nooks just for you with room for 6 more in the den.
Creative Memories is no longer just for scrapbookers! Our mission is to help families organize, store and display their digital and traditonal photos.  We provide acid-free, lignin-free, buffered and bleed resistant products.  From scrapbook albums to decorative papers, we meet or exceed ISO 18902, the international standard for photo preservation and storage.
What good are great photos if you can't find the one you want?  Imagine your child asking for that photo of the first time he went fishing with Grandpa for a project at scouts.  Do you know where that photo is? Is chaos a word that describes your photos? Imagine being so organized you could find that photo in no time.  Power Sort Boxes and Memory Manager 3.0 Software makes it possible.

Our Power Sort Boxes hold 1,200 4x6 or 5x7 photos.  The box is divided into 6 compartments that make it easy to sort on the spot.  The pocket inside the lid holds flat memorabilia up to 12.75 x 7. Included with each box are 6 compartment box dividers and 2 compartment lids.
How many of you have hundred or thousands of photos sitting on a hard drive or on your camera's memory card? Memory Manager 3.0 Software is the answer to photo overload. 
It offers you an easy way to organize, cross-reference and fine-tune all the photos you have trapped on your computer.  In no time you and your photos will be ready for your next project. 

If traditional scrapbooking is not for you, you may love Creative Memories StoryBook Creator.  You simply download the free software from my website, install it on your computer, then drag your digital photos into our predesigned pages, tell your story and we print the book and ship it to you.  After a short time creating digital books you will want to invest in Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus to be able to create incredible pages like the globe I did for  a recent book.
Creative Memories has recently teamed up with acclaimed entertainment host, proud mother and avid scrapbooker Nancy O'Dell on a book aimed at making scrapbooking quicker, easier and more fun for busy moms.  She also introduced our Hummingbird Series.  Nancy states "The hummingbird is the perfect symbol for the moments I capture in my albums.  They're moments that hover silently, linger for a beautiful instant, and then disappear.  This collection was designed to help you reach out and hold onto those moments." This beautiful collection was what I used to create a thank you note for all those who had been such a comfort when my mom died in January.
We've even changed the format of our classes. Now we offer 30 minute Photo Solution Parties. At these parties you will: Reminisce with friends and celebrate your life, stories and photos. Join us for: 1. Tips for taking better photos. 2. Solutions for organizing your printed photos or digital images.  3. Quick and easy ways to celebrate the special people and moments in your life.  You love your friends - they love their photos.  I have simple, beautiful solutions that will help them celebrate the photos and stories of their lives.  I hope you will decide to host a Photo Solution Party this spring to introduce the new, improved Creative Memories to your friends. I would love to meet your friends and share these incredible changes with them.  Contact me today if you would like to host a fun afternoon or evening for your photo taking friends. I hope you will take time to visit my website @ http://www.mycmsite.com/terrifonville.

I am also excited to introduce to you  my new Facebook Page where I hope to share photo solution tips, links to other sites and have special offers just for my Facebook Page fans. 
Just go to http://www.facebook.com/terrifonvillefamilyhistorian. If you like what you see click on the "Like" button for easy access to these tips.

I hope you will let me know how I can help you complete your scrapbooking projects.

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