Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Traditions by Terri

My sister Kathy helping make homemade ice cream in 1958.

It wouldn't be summer without fixing my homemade "Butterfinger Ice Cream". This year I made it for our July 4th family gathering. I thought you might want to try it. If your would like to try using homemade "Butterfingers" in this recipe check out the "Butterthumbs" recipe in my earlier post "Family Traditions."

Butterfinger Ice Cream
From the kitchen of: Terri Fonville

5 fresh large eggs
2 cups sugar
1 can Eagle Brand Milk
1 quart whipping cream (not Cool Whip!)
2 Tablespoons vanilla
1 pinch salt
6 large fresh butterfingers (chopped)
Whole milk to fill 4 - 6 quart Ice Cream Freezer

Beat eggs thoroughly. Add all remaining ingredients except milk and butterfingers. Mix thoroughly. Pour into ice cream freezer canister. Add 3 large chopped butterfingers (saving last 3 for adding after ice cream has finished churning. Top off canister with whole milk.

Place canister in the ice cream freezer tub. Pour ice and rock salt around the canister in a 5 to 1 ratio. Add 5 cups ice to 1 cup rock salt. Continue adding ice and salt following the same ratio until you reach the top of the canister. Run the freezer 5 minutes, then add more ice and salt in 5 to 1 ratio. Continue churning the ice cream for an additional 20-30 minutes until the paddle will no longer turn adding ice and salt as needed using same ice/salt ratio.

Remove the paddle from the canister scraping ice cream from paddle back into canister. Fold in the remaining 3 chopped butterfingers. Cover the top with Saran then place the top back on the canister. Drain off the brine water and plug the drain with a cork. Next repack the tub with ice and rock salt using the same 5 to 1 ratio. Cover the freezer with a heavy quilt or burlap bag and allow to set in a shady cool spot until the desired consistency.

Note: When making Ice Cream it is very important to use "whole" milk and freshly purchased large or extra large eggs. Also, do not substitute Cool Whip for the Whipping Cream!